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C.O.P.E (Connect-Opportunity-People-Execute) is an efficient business platform, which enables you to focus on your core business productivity, we support you to grow, independent and success


Ideal for companies who want to have a prime address for their business without having to rent a physical office. We have the service of representative business and mailing address to suit your need.


Creo House assist you in completing all requirements to setup your new company, from Company Legal Certificate (Akta Pendirian Perusahaan), TDP, SIUP, SK Menkeh & HAM, and Company Tax ID.

Private CO-Working

Co-working spaces offer more than just shared offices and good coffee. These collaborative communities provide something special: Creative Connectivity in collaborated knowledge and experience.C.O.P.E (Connect-Opportunity-People-Execute) , which enables you to focus on your core business productivity, we support you to grow, independent and success

Meeting Rooms

Creo House provide services, facilities and support for all types of meetings ranging from informal meet & greets, training sessions, Department meeting package and conference meeting. We have 5 cozy meeting rooms.

Gallery Wall

Creo House provide services and facilities for Gallery exhibition and any type of exhibition event. For small or medium business can develop their business and meet the right bussiness partner, we’ll organize for you.

coworking space in kemang

C.O.P.E Private Desk

Share the work, share the place, co-create together in our homey working space in Kemang. We invite you to join and experience the member benefits offered.

Virtual Office Benefit

  • Cafe and Garden ambiance of working space (08:00-23:00)
  • Free Meeting Room usage (*) 4×2 hours, Mon-Fri, 08:00-19:00, Once a week.
  • Internet Fiber Access.
  • 20% discount privilege of F&B.
  • Advertisement space on site (**)

working space

Why You Should Join C.O.P.E Private Workspace?

  • Socializing

    coworking allows them time to socialize and network with other professionals.

  • Collaborating

    Collaborating your fresh idea with friends ideas, make a one big deal with full of joy.

  • Pro-connections

    The field for working together in brightest mind, that frequently leads to success.

  • Free Refreshment

    Refresh ideas with free refreshment, let tea or coffee brings awesomeness.

  • Low or no overhead

    For many startups, renting space and furnishing an office is simply out of their price range


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