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Why Creohouse?

According to Deskmag’s annual Global Co-Working Survey 2012, 53% of co-workers are freelancers followed by small company employees, big company employees and 8% who describe themselves as none of the above. Among these, 71% said their creativity had increased since joining, 62% said their standard of work had improved. 68% said they were able to focus better and 64% said they could better complete tasks on time.

At Creohouse, you don’t just have a space to set your laptop on. You’re encouraged to interact with other creative individuals, share stories and ideas, reference materials from our library, organize meetings, attend workshops, and much more.

What is Creohouse?

Creohouse is an efficient business platform, which enables you to focus on your core business and company productivity.

We offer products and services of modern and comfortable working spaces; Virtual Office and company setup service; and boutique-style function rooms.

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